It’s not surprising that many households hesitated to purchase real estate in recent years. Home values dropped after the housing crisis, and no one could be certain how far prices would fall.

But over the past year average prices have advanced substantially. Most areas report prices have increased by more than ten percent during the last twelve months. Consumers who have put off buying are moving ahead now.

Your first step in purchasing a great home is to discover your financing options. However, today’s borrowing rates aren’t low enough for some households to make the purchase they long for.

But an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) can help you live where you prefer. If you don’t plan on staying several decades in the house you’re purchasing, you don’t need to pay the higher rates found on 30-year mortgages.

Purchasing a home with an ARM immediately reduces your housing costs. That makes it easier for you to move into the home you want.

A number of ARMs are available today. Your housing costs may not change for up to a decade with an adjustable loan, so many owners move again before their ARM ever adjusts.