Paul G. Mattila has been in the lending industry for 33 yrs (since 1977) during this time he has helped 16,000 families own their homes. Over the years he worked for 13 different lenders from local mortgage banks to large banking corporations. His goal was always been to help his client achieve their goal of homeownership, to help clients when they have needs for financial services and to help build clients financial net worth. Always putting the client first!

In 2000 Paul started is own company (Cascade Northern Mortgage) to better serve the local communities we live in. Previously the banks and large mortgage companies Paul worked for could never move fast enough to adapt to market conditions and no one mortgage lender ever had all the loan programs the client needed. Paul knew there was a better way and his goal was to run the company himself with his philosophy. “Everyone deserves to own their own home it’s never if they will but rather when”.  By owning the company he could respond to market conditions quicker, deliver a more personal service (the Nordstrom of lending) and deliver the loan programs the clients wanted and needed. With his vast knowledge of loan programs and how they work to benefit clients was what was most important. With his understanding of programs and underwriting he can assist every client’s need depending on their circumstances. Whether they’re 1st time purchaser or the executive of a fortune 500 corporation they all receive the highest level of service during and after the loan closing.

The goal of the blog is to introduce the market to Paul G. Mattila and to keep up with the ever change lending industry. We have seen more changes in the lending environment over the last 12 months than we saw in the last 20 years combined. With these changes clients think they know their options but what they know verses what is currently offer is completely different. I have clients still asking for loan programs that no longer exist. If you haven’t purchases a home in the last 30-60 days things are now done differently and they will be different in the next 60-90 days just from today. His has been one of the reasons Paul has been in mortgage lending because the changes every day is different. The changes are not always better but someone needs to be there to guide client the mortgage lending maze.